PDF Printing Solutions is a small family owned business located about an hour north of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
We specialize in high quality, short run, full color digital printing--both small format (12" x 18" max. sheet size using a fused toner 4/C process) and large format (48" x 96" max. sheet size using a thermal inkjet 4/C process). For short runs, both of these processes provide economical alternatives to traditional printing methods.

PDF Printing Solutions began in 1998 as a spin off of DS Color Graphics, a full service pre-press facility that began serving the graphic arts industry in 1978.

Jon Dugger (one of the partners in DS Color Graphics) became intrigued by the emerging digital printing technologies and decided to start a new company - PDF Printing Solutions! So what does PDF stand for? Well it could be Pretty Darn Fast or Please Don't Forget (to include your fonts) - but it actually stands for Portable Document Format (Adobe's Acrobat file format). We are big fans of the PDF format & offer discounts when you submit your documents in PDF format. (If you need help in generating PDF files - just contact us for technical support.)

Located in the rolling
hills of scenic Western Pennsylvania

Contact Information:
For customer service contact Tara Vass-Gal: sales@pdfsolutions.com
For technical support contact Jon Dugger: jdugger@pdfsolutions.com

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To contact us:

Toll Free: 877-352-1712
Voice/VM: 724-652-2712
Fax: 724-652-4988
e-mail: jdugger@pdfsolutions.com

PDF Printing Solutions
208 Mechanic Street
New Castle, PA 16101