What is digital printmaking?
Giclee (pronounced "jee-clay") is a fine art printmaking method where microscopic droplets of pigment are transferred to a substrate under the control of a computer driven print engine.

What type of ink do you use?
We use a CMYK process with UV pigment inks. These inks are fade resistant for over 100 years (indoors under normal lighting) and reproduce a very full range of colors. Please keep in mind that there is always the possibility that some colors on your palette may fall outside the color gamut of these pigments. We always send an small test print to make sure you are satisfied with the color reproduction before running the order.

What types of media can you print on?
We stock 100% cotton canvas, a smooth coated matte paper, several embossed watercolor papers, and a photogloss RC paper. Let us know if there is something special you are looking for--we can probably get it!

What is the largest size media you can print on?
36" wide (34.5" max. image) by 96" long.

Practical quantities for digital prints?
Right now digital printing is primarily a "short run" printing technology  -  we can produce single prints "on demand" or short  runs of up to one hundred prints.

What kind of files can I send?
Just about any raster format like Photoshop, TIF or JPG. We can also handle vector formats like Illustrator, Freehand and Corel Draw. We accept both Mac and PC files.

What resolution should my files be?
It's always best to provide the highest resolution possible within practical limits. 100 pixels per inch (at the final size) is an absolute minimum--300 pixels per inch is the maximum.

What types of storage media do you accept?
We can accept your files on diskettes, 100mb Zips and CD's.

Can I send my originals for you to scan?
Yes--we can scan rigid art up to 30" x 40". We can also work from 4"x5" or 8"x10" copy transparencies (we do not recommend working from 35mm or 2-1/4" formats). If you send  a transparency, also send a reference print for color matching.

How long does it take to print my order?
Of course this will depend somewhat on the size and complexity of your project, but on most jobs we can complete the printing within a week of our receipt of your approved proof.

How do I pay for my order?

What about shipping?
We can ship UPS, FedX, Priority Mail or Express Mail.

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